external image the-peach.jpgPeaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Utilize the following questions to facilitate student discussions of the book. I've included page numbers as starting points.

Study Guide Questions:

1. How are Leeda, Murphy and Birdie alike? How are they different? (p. 41)
2. How was Murphy missing from her life? Does she find her life? (p. 2)
3. Why does the orchard make Murphy restless? (p.5) Does this change? How is it calming to Leeda & Birdie?
4. How are the girls' relationships with their mothers similar/different? Why do they all feel "trapped?" (pgs. 18, 24, 32, 113)
5. How does the orchard make the girls feel grounded/at home?
6. How can the growth of the peaches (from bud to harvest ready) compare to the girls development over the summer?
7. Birdie talks about being locked up. How are all the girls locked up? What does "locked up" mean for each of them? Does this change by summer's end?
8. What is the purpose of the biographical italicized paragraphs throughout the book? How do they advance the narrative? Are they helpful to the story development or do they hinder the flow?
9. What is the role of the secondary characters (Poopie, Enrico, Rex, migrant workers ect.)?
10. The orchard is often personified, how is this significant? (pgs. 1, 22)

Here is a Microsoft 2007 Word document for easy printing.

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