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Please join us in creating food and fun while discovering literature about our history. This page was created with elementary teachers, librarians, and students in mind. Take the lessons on the First Thanksgiving beyond just the Native Americans and Pilgrims. This can help guide your instruction and relate it to these topics using the activities provided. Make the First Thanksgiving a more memorable experience than reading about it in their textbooks.

This book can get the students excited. With color pictures, crafts, and recipes it is a great way to get your class ready for some hands-on fun. It begins with tips for new or experienced cooks. There's one page on the First Thanksgiving and the rest is recipes and crafts for a Thanksgiving table. From biscuits to sparkling cider, there are recipes a plenty.

Cranberry Thanksgiving by Harry Devlin is a great book that talks about Thanksgiving and also teaches children not to judge people by what they see on the outside. There is a recipe for cranberry bread also included in the book. Baking the cranberry bread to share with the children will help them remember the story. There is also a history with the cranberries , it was believed they were part of the original Thanksgiving meal. Native Americans ate cranberries prior to the pilgrims coming to the new world.

Check out the pages below for craft ideas, recipes, and First Thanksgiving discussion ideas.

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