Teens: Reading! Cooking! Learning!

Welcome to a wiki page that is designed to share ideas for teaching literature through creative cooking activities. external image peaches.jpg
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I will begin by discussing ways to creatively engage readers with Jodi Lynn Anderson's young adult book Peaches I chose this novel because it is fun to read while also presenting several strong discussion/teaching topics. It is also the first book in a trilogy so readers have two other novels to continue the reading adventure if they choose. And, as it is set in an orchard, it lends itself to providing educational cooking connections.

The food activities will help readers engage with the literature while teaching them new skills. The projects also help nonreaders interact with the material in more meaningful ways. This novel will have the most appeal to teenage girls. I will give a few suggestions of novels for teenage boys in the resource page.

Watch a student created YouTube video about Peaches

Project Idea:

Have your students create trailers for a movie. They learn new technology skills and have to convey what they have read.

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