Important Geographical Locations In Outlander

The images presented in this slideshow give one a glimpse at some of the locations included in Outlander. As this is a work of fiction, Gabaldon did invent some locations, but she has mentioned some of the places from where she received her inspiration. A few generic photographs have been included in the slideshow, to help one experience the vast, rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

Claire's journey began in Inverness, where she was enjoying a second honeymoon with her husband, Frank. Inverness was an important location in the Highlands, as it offered access to both the Continent and the rest of England via ship through the Moray Firth, and its nearness to Loch Ness.

Claire's time traveling portal, the standing stones of Craigh na Dun, is approximately forty miles south of Inverness. Though Diana Gabaldon invented this location, there are many standing stones throughout Britain from which she received inspiration, namely the stones at Castlerigg, the Clava Cairns, and Tomnahurich.

When she meets up with Dougal, Jamie and company upon passing through the stones, Claire is taken to Castle Leoch, home of the MacKenzie's of Leoch. This is once again a made-up location, but Castle Leod, the actual seat of the MacKenzie clan, resembles Gabaldon's image of Leoch quite closely.

Fort William, where Claire and Jamie have several run-ins with the notorious Jack Randall, is a fort that still exists today in the western Highlands, along the Atlantic coast. It was named for King William of Orange, the king who was originally opposed to the Jacobite uprising in the 17th century.

Lallybroch, the name of Jamie's home on Fraser lands, is another location invented by Gabaldon. Lallybroch can be translated as "lazy tower," so named for the crooked broch, or tower, that is located north of his home. Jamie is the Laird, or lord, of Broch Tuaroch, the lands on which Lallybroch is located.

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