Learning and Creating with Food

This page is dedicated to middle school readers (or teachers or librarians of Middle School students). It focuses on the connection between learning and food. There are several ways food and cooking can be used in learning. One of those ways is reading books that discuss different types of food. The main book that will be discussed on this page is Julia's Kitchen by Barbara A. Ferber.

Julia's Kitchen by Barbara A. Ferber is an award-winning book (including VOYA Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers) about a young Jewish girl, Cara, finding her way through grief after losing her mother and sister in a house fire. Cara struggles with her Jewish faith after her mother and sister are killed. She finds help from her best friend Marlee, a guidance counselor, her grandparents, and baking cookies. Cara's mother, Julia, ran a baking business from home called "Julia's Kitchen." After Julia passes away, customers continue to call to place orders. At first, Cara ignores those phone calls. However, she decides to start baking and filling those orders because she believes her mother would want it that way. Through baking, Cara begins to feel some closure, and she continues her mother's legacy.

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