Here are some discussion questions about the ideas and events in Julia's Kitchen.
  • What made Marlee such a good friend? Do you have a friend like her?
  • Food is a big factor in grieving, as illustrated during and after Cara's mother and sister's funeral. Why do you think this is so?
  • Why was it difficult for Cara's father to talk about the fire? Do you think Cara handled the situation with her father well?
  • If you were in Cara's situation, would you start up the baking business again?
  • Why was continuing her mother's legacy important for Cara?
  • If you wrote a story about you and your friend, what would it be called? Would it take place in a kitchen or another place?

Here are a few activities that correlate with the story.
  • Marlee and Cara spend their free time creating scrapbooks. Create a scrapbook with pictures and mementos of your family.
  • Create your own cookie basket like Julia and Cara created. Write your name, or your friends names, in icing on the cookie, and decorate the basket with ribbon and tissue paper.

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