Additional Titles and Activities:

external image wintergirlsbylauriehalseanderson2.jpg
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

A study of Wintergirls could lead to a meaningful discussion of healthy eating habits.

Project Ideas:
  • Create personalized food pyramids
  • Have a speaker talk about ways to recognize and provide support to those that suffer from an eating disorder
  • Prepare a well-balanced meal or several healthy snacks

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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

This is a novel that can appeal to a wide readership, especially those hard to reach teen boys. The audio book, read by Neil Gaimen, is a wonderful option to "read" this novel.

As the main character, Bod, cannot leave the graveyard his guardian, Silas, brings him a variety of food. When Silas is away Miss Lupescu brings Bod's food. Bod has several conflicts with Miss Lupescu because he dislikes the homemade soups she prepares, preferring the prepackaged junk foods Silas brings. The Graveyard takes place in Britain and refers to various historical time periods.

Project Ideas:
  • Discuss and try foods from different countries and centuries. The series Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks would be a helpful aid in finding foods from different countries.
  • Make a camping cookbook with recipes that can be prepared outside with few resources

Supplemental Activities:
  • Take a field trip to a local orchard
  • Inform students about 4-H cooking, cake decorating, gardening and other projects
  • Librarians--make sure you have several teen cookbooks in your young adult area--these are great to use in programming and encourage teens to cook at home. There are several great books if you do a search in Amazon. Also, the blog "The YA YA YA's" has an entry all about teen cookbooks.

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