Welcome to Cooking Connections!

Join us as we explore book club ideas that incorporate food into the learning environment. Book club discussions can be enhanced by supplemental activities that correlate with the readings. Snacks are also important club components, especially when working with students. Why not use food to engage readers in the material?

Please investigate the books and resources provided. Hopefully you will gain insight into ways to use cooking in many settings to illuminate the learning process.

Remember this is only a sampling of titles and activities for your Books and Bites Clubs!

Let's go for a taste...


external image julias20kitchen.jpgMiddle School

external image peachesthumb.jpgHigh School
This page focuses on books and resources to use with 9-12th graders.

external image outlandercoverthumbnail.jpgAdults
This page provides resources for an adult book club reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander.